Revealing Nature's Beauty Through a Digital Process​​​​​​​ 
Nature amazes, enchants, and inspires me. So with a sense of wonder and quiet solitude, I stroll through beautiful natural settings carrying my digital camera. It's here I can relax and surrender to the present, where I'm more likely to see God in everything, especially flowers. The camera acts as a mirror to reflect what I see. Then the captured image becomes a way to keep that moment forever and to give back that beauty. 
I am a photographer who is not a purist and an artist who is not a conventionalist. My work has yet to be in an official category. My synergy creates a new art category between a photograph and a painting I like to call a paintograph. That makes me a paintographer.
My work teeters between a world of intricate detail and texture to one of delicate softness and enchantment. I lean toward the real world when I find its intricate detail utterly beautiful. But, on the other hand, I must often soften what appears too harsh and make it painterly. 
A digital camera is my primary tool, and post-processing on a computer is how I lay my artistic style on each image. I can do this with subtle adjustments to color, tone, and texture that I paint on with a pressure-sensitive pen tablet. With the subtleties of a traditional brush, the pen tablet is key to connecting my work to my heart. Together I hope to invoke the feeling I remember when capturing the image. 
Alfred Stieglitz, one of the great pioneers in photography as an art form 100 years ago, is cheering me on. The vast possibilities the digital realm allows me are incredible compared to when Mr. Stieglitz was blazing new trails for photographs as art. And for that, I am most grateful. And it's not lost on me the coincidence that his wife, the famous painter, Georgia O'Keefe, inspires my art today, which is primarily florals.
I hope my work transports you to a delightful memory of nature that brings you the peace and tranquility I experience creating it.   
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