Somewhere Between a Photograph and a Painting

I am most inspired by nature, God’s masterpiece. My work usually starts with my inner child and me exploring the great outdoors. She brings her sense of wonder, playfulness, and adventure. We stroll through blooming gardens, hike enchanting forests, or meander beautiful countrysides. When I pick up my camera, she looks through it with me. However, not all is left to chance. With prior planning, I give myself the best opportunity to capture nature’s fleeting beauty in the glorious low light just before sunrise or just after sunset. Mother Nature will not be kept waiting. It’s my goal to place my feet where the magic can be captured best. 

How do I go from a simple digital capture to a luscious meld of photograph and painting? It all happens on my computer, which I’ve affectionately named, “Big Dell.” I sort through each photograph and choose only my favorites to take to my digital playground. I find joy and delight as I experiment with different effects in Photoshop. My inner child is often there whispering in my ear, “What if you...?” With a taste for unabashed color, I push the limits of saturation and vibrance until the pixels cry, “Uncle!” Then I pull the sliders back a notch or two. My goal is to add depth to my images.  I can do this with subtle adjustments to color, tone, and texture that I paint on with a pressure sensitive pen tablet. With the precision of a traditional brush, the pen tablet is key to connecting my work to my heart.

My heart teeters between a world of intricate detail and texture to one of delicate softness and enchantment.  I lean toward the real world when I find it’s intricate detail utterly beautiful. But, more often, I find that a simple photograph is not enough to express my artistic sensibility. 

Why a computer? It allows me to quickly process through endless possibilities to my heart’s content until I find what I am looking for.

Why nature? It never stops amazing me, charming me, enchanting me, and inspiring me. It often leaves me breathless. Nature is my greatest pacifier.

I hope my work transports you to a delightful memory of nature that brings you peace and tranquility
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